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Our shared commitments

As part of our Greater Manchester Strategy, we have plans in place covering the wide range of activities to help us deliver a greener, fairer, more prosperous Greater Manchester.

These are led by organisations across our city region, who have come together to agree commitments where collective action is needed to achieve the Greater Manchester we all want:

  • Create a carbon neutral city region by 2038, with better air quality and natural environment
  • Deliver a low carbon London-style fully integrated public transport system across bus, tram, train, and bike
  • Enable the delivery of world-class smart digital infrastructure
  • Realise the opportunities from our world-class growth and innovation assets, enabled by specific plans including Places for Everyone plan, Local Growth Plans, and Industrial Strategy to open up opportunities in all parts of the city-region
Canal barge and canal bridge
  • Support our businesses to grow sustainably, to become as prosperous as they can be
  • Support the creation of better jobs and good employment that has a purpose beyond growing shareholder value, utilising the opportunity to make a positive difference to our communities.
  • Ensure businesses are able to access the skills and talent they need, by providing high quality learning, and wrapping support around individuals, enabling them to realise their potential - with access to good employment for those who can work, support for those who could work and care for those who can’t.
  • Give our children and young people good education and training so they are ready for career success, with a balance of academic, technical and ‘life ready’ skills.
  • Guarantee digital inclusion for everyone, including getting under 25s, over 75s and disabled people online
  • Provide safe, decent, and affordable housing, with no one sleeping rough in Greater Manchester
Elevated view of Oxford Road, Manchester
  • Tackle food and fuel poverty experienced by Greater Manchester residents
  • Reduce health inequalities and improve both physical and mental health
  • Drive investment into our growth locations, and use that to create opportunities in adjacent town and local centres
  • Enable resilient, safe, and vibrant communities where everyone has access to essential services, with local centres and high streets which are successful and reflective of their populations, and access to high quality leisure spaces
  • Ensure our local communities, neighbourhoods, villages, towns, cities, and districts are protected and strengthened through the Places for Everyone Plan and Stockport Local Plan, with new homes delivered in line with our carbon neutral commitments and Housing Strategy.
Aerial image of a housing estate in Greater Manchester

Supporting strategies

Greater Manchester has made real progress in recent years. We have led the way on English devolution, and we have a distinct and proud track record over many years.

We want to build on this record of delivery through our Greater Manchester Strategy for the next decade; levelling up to the best of the UK, and delivering against our bold, ambitious plans so we can truly deliver good lives for all.

We have a number of underpinning plans that will help us deliver against our ambitious targets.