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The Young Person’s Guarantee

The Young Person’s Guarantee (YPG) was a ‘moment in time’ snapshot of young people’s concerns carried out in the context of the pandemic and with a view to concerns for social, educational and economic recovery.

Greater Manchester's young people expressed their concerns and priorities around four key themes:

  • Keeping Connected
  • Staying Well
  • Making Effective Transitions
  • Reducing Economic Inequalities
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The ‘guarantee’ is that the Greater Manchester system will listen to and act on the priorities expressed by young people themselves and we will develop a system-wide model to coordinate responses to the priorities of Greater Manchester's young people aged 11-30.

Young person doing sit-ups in a gym

Children and Young People’s voices are to be at the heart of the ongoing delivery. Young people’s opportunities to be at the heart of delivery, planning and design is being maximised and a new youth voice engagement plan is underway.

This plan will see young people not only expressing their views but also youth voice groups will be utilised to area opportunities on a peer-to-peer basis, creating a two-way partnership between young people and opportunities offered by the system as a whole.

Joel: HR Apprentice at Bury Council

Joel, HR Apprentice for Bury Council

After a year studying computing, Joel realised that University was not the right path for him.

Following a rethink, Joel chose an apprenticeship to improve his skills and earn while he was learning.

His HR apprenticeship with Bury Council is a challenging and enjoyable role.

As an apprentice in a big department with about 50 or so people, Joel was nervous about meeting everyone, “But it wasn’t too bad as I’d had part-time work there before,” he explains.

He’s enjoyed going to meetings and events as part of Backing Young Bury and also likes helping out in his role as apprenticeship ambassador.

Joel prefers the work environment to school, “I think it’s much more relaxed.” His next goal is to finish his apprenticeship, complete his college work and see how he can further his career.