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Greater Manchester Local Energy Market (LEM)

The Greater Manchester Local Energy Market project is an innovation project led by GMCA and in partnership with 11 partners from community, technology, energy supplier and network operators.


Local Area Energy Plans provide an informed perspective from resident, business and network operators of where we need to generate renewable energy, where we need to retrofit our buildings, where we should place EV hubs and the impact this whole system approach may have on the grid (Network operators).

Withington electric vehicle charging point


Value sharing Propositions (Energy Tariffs) will be designed and establish new tariffs that can be used by domestic and non domestic customers for heat and mobility.

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An energy trading platform will be specifically designed to support the region in maximising our intermittent energy generation, the Market Maker.

The market maker will control the onboarding of consumers to benefit from the proposed revised tariffs and will support the trading of energy between all consumers within the Greater Manchester region.

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The Local Energy Market is the first project in the country which will provide local area Energy plans for 10 districts, 1.2m homes, 2.7m residents. The projects’ ability to provide such an informed position, supports all walks of life to make informed decisions.

The designing of new Value Sharing Propositions, are designed and linked to Local Area Energy plans supports targeting, and maximising of local assets, with the final Market Maker element providing both additional revenue streams and network flexibility services.