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A greener Greater Manchester

Climate change is the single biggest threat that we face, with human activities the main cause.

Our Greater Manchester Strategy recognises that 2021 needs to be our turning point because, if we don’t act now, the consequences will be felt even further by future generations.

Greater Manchester has set a science based target of being a carbon-neutral city- region by 2038.

Carbon neutral essentially mean we are doing as much as we can to limit the production and release of carbon emissions, and any that we cannot reduce, or which are not naturally removed by our environment, we are then offsetting to ensure the balance is equal to zero.

People cycling on a cycle path on Oxford Road, Manchester

If we move quickly, and in the right way, delivering our carbon neutral target is an opportunity to make people’s lives better and society fairer.

We know that those most affected by climate change are often those least responsible for causing it and by creating a system that recognises this, we’ll build a more equal city region. The move itself will also create better jobs in the green economy, better homes with reduced energy bills and cleaner transport.

Metrolink tram in Manchester city centre

This is why we launched the UK’s first regional Clean Growth Mission for Greater Manchester, mobilising everyone around our carbon neutral aim and breaking down the barriers between traditional sectors and groups.

All Saints Park, Manchester

Case studies

Our collective ambitions around decarbonising our city-region are unprecedented, and we are already taking action to translate that ambition into reality.

Through our Greater Manchester Strategy we will continue to innovate and find new and different ways to reduce our environmental impact