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Global reach of Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is the birthplace of revolutionary ideas that have had a profound impact on lives all around the world.

The Co-operative movement was founded in Rochdale, the Suffragette Movement was born in Manchester and we're home to the UK's first free library and museum.

Our rich heritage attracts vistors from all over the world, but in Greater Manchester we're still exporting amazing art all over the world and attracting visitors to our diverse and dynamic sporting and cultural offer.

Greater Manchester is recognised internationally as a place of sporting excellence, our world-famous football and rugby clubs including Manchester City and Manchester United, Sale Sharks and Wigan Warriors, as well as our internationally competitive sporting facilities for cycling, cricket and swimming make our sporting appeal second to none.

People know us for The Smiths, Joy Division and The Happy Mondays, but we're still producing world-leading music, from Elbow, Blossoms and The Lathums to Bugzy Malone, Victoria Jane and Aitch.

Nearly 2 million people come to Greater Manchester to attend live music events every year, contributing more than £169m to the Greater Manchester economy. On New Years Eve 2020, more than 4 million people from all over the world tuned in to watch our United We Stream Greater Manchester party.

A recent Time Out survey crowned Manchester the third best city in the world, ahead of New York, Tokyo and Copenhagen with 71% of people surveyed citing creativity as a reason for our ranking.

From Manchester International Festival and The Halle to The Met in Bury, The Turnpike in Leigh and The Lowry in Salford, our city-region is filled with world-class institutions and talent.

We're also training the next generation of global talent in Greater Manchester, with the School of Digital Arts and The Factory signalling our intent to develop our global reputation as a creative city-region for a long time to come.

These uniquely Greater Manchester assets enable us to use the language of culture, sport and music to drive collaboration and partnerships overseas.