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A more prosperous Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester Strategy will enable us to deliver our new vision for economic growth, which is to be more equitable and socially responsible, bringing opportunities and prosperity to all.

Greater Manchester is ready to lead the local and UK economic recovery from the pandemic with a vision for the future built around our greatest strengths, and with equality for all at its core.

Health innovation

We have the largest life sciences cluster outside southeast England with high potential opportunities in diagnostics and healthy ageing.

Skyline of Manchester city centre

Advanced materials and manufacturing

We are the home of Graphene and have a complementary advanced manufacturing base.

Manchester city skyline

Digital, creative and media

We have significant clusters in cyber security, broadcasting, culture, content creation and media.

The Beetham Tower and The Rochdale Canal, Manchester

Clean growth

We’ve established the UK’s first Clean Growth Mission.

Aerial image of an industrial building and Greater Manchester skyline

Focusing on these sectors, supporting our businesses to grow and working with them to attract new investment and promote innovation, gives us the potential to address some of society’s biggest challenges, including achieving carbon neutrality and addressing the challenges of our growing ageing population.

A culture of innovation, coupled with increased research and development across a wider business base, will boost investment and productivity, creating jobs of the future both locally and for the UK.

Reinforcing our economic foundations

In Greater Manchester we are significantly more dependent on employment in the foundational economy, which supplies every day essential goods and services, than the rest of the UK.

In order to achieve our goal of a prosperous city region, we want to ensure there are good economic opportunities for everyone, which means developing our foundational economy to provide progressive and improved working practices, good pay and development for people working in Greater Manchester.

A road sign on Oxford Road, Manchester

Case studies

We know how to use our strengths to power both our city-region’s economy and that of the wider North, remaining central to the UK’s global competitiveness.