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Airport and Southern Growth Corridor

In support of realising Greater Manchester’s international potential, the development of the Airport and Southern Growth Corridor will facilitate international business and tourism growth.

The delivery of highspeed rail, through HS2, at the Airport and into the city centre will create further economic benefits and growth realised from the increase in ease and connectivity for international business and visitors.

The development of the Airport and Southern Growth Corridor supports the continued redevelopment of Stockport town centre. Supported by the Town Centre West Mayoral Development Corporation high quality housing will be delivered, sustainable transport connectivity improved, and there will be a focus on town centre employment growth.

The overall plan will transform the retail and culture offer of Stockport town centre, building on its unique heritage and assets and providing accessible opportunities benefitting local communities. The development will be underpinned by the expansion of Metrolink into Stockport town centre and redevelopment of Stockport Train Station as a southern transport gateway to the wider Greater Manchester area.

The airport’s operations (i.e. emissions generated by the airport itself, including the operation of ground support vehicles but excluding emissions from aircraft are already certified carbon neutral. We want to make sure that our policy on aviation matches our ambition to be a world leader on climate action, in line with our carbon neutral 2038 target and our carbon budget.  In driving this Greater Manchester partners will work with Government and other stakeholders to help to influence UK aviation policy, including development of an appropriate budget for UK aviation emissions, and ensure that this supports levelling-up. 

Employment opportunities will be created through the development planned at Airport City, which will attract Head Offices to Greater Manchester, creating jobs across a range of sectors and at different levels. The development of these opportunities will be supported by the provision of a comprehensive skills offer, ensuring local people are able to access the opportunities created, through direct job creation, supply chain opportunities and wider distributed benefits.

Enhanced transport connections such as the new station at Cheadle will provide additional sustainable connections into the wider transport network from our local centres and reduce transport congestion.

Connecting opportunities across Greater Manchester’s frontier sectors and foundational economy, the developments planned at Medipark, including the completion of the Metrolink loop from Medipark via Davenport Green to the Airport underpinning the opportunity to complimentary group and looking ahead to HS2, Roundthorn Industrial Estate and Wythenshawe Hospital will drive health-focused skills and employment creation in and around the Airport and Southern Growth Corridor. Linked to this are plans to redevelop Wythenshawe Town Centre, providing new jobs, homes and connections to employment, including at the Airport, in support of Levelling Up.

CGI Aerial View Of Stockport Interchange
CGI Of Weavers Square
CGI Of Royal George Village exterior and roads
CGI Aerial View Of St Thomas' Gardens